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UK Study Shows Children Are Already Less Active by Age 7 – CBC News

March 20, 2017

It’s a familiar stereotype that when children become teenagers, they spend much less time outside or even on their feet. But according to an 8-year study in the UK, the lack of physical activity begins earlier in children’s lives–around the age of seven, when children are entering primary school. Promoting exercise not only at home but in school is more crucial than ever, especially if this trend continues. Read the full article by CBC News.


Inclusive Preschools Benefit Both Special Needs Children and Their Peers

March 13, 2017

In many places in the U.S., inclusive preschools are showing us the results of teaching Special Needs and typically developing children in the same classrooms. Social-emotional skills and overall growth rate is higher in Special Needs children, while their peers experience a boost in early leadership skills. Research shows that when Special Needs children begin their education in an inclusive preschool, they are more likely to stay within the general education setting alongside their peers and move up to higher grades faster. Read the full article from District Administration.


Why Your Kids Would Make Amazing Entrepreneurs

February 20, 2017

Do your kids create cushion forts? Do they ask a million questions every time they see something new? In today’s world, entrepreneurship is booming, with many businesses meeting popular needs and making it big overnight. But it shouldn’t be reserved for only for adults–kids hold many of the key skills for becoming an entrepreneur, such as natural curiosity, technological savvy, and exceptional creativity. So how can you encourage your child’s interest in such an industry? Read the full article from Entrepreneur.


Executive Director of Lipa Speaks on Expert Panel at Casual Connect 2017

This year’s Casual Connect falls on 7 – 9 February and will connect hundreds of game developers, marketers, investors, and tech incubators in a merger of technology and creativity. Lipa’s Executive Director Martin Schejbal was invited to join an expert panel discussion on monetizing the challenging market of children’s games and applications.


Taking place in Berlin, Casual Connect Europe will present over 100 leaders in both established and upcoming game industry markets. Among the lineup of main speakers are the Chief Game Designer at Google, Head of Games Partnerships at Facebook, and Head of Corporate Development at Zynga. This event, needless to say, is flooded with experts, making it fertile ground for forming partnerships and exhibiting one’s products.

On February 7th at 1:00 PM in Hall 7.1 of the convention center, five leaders in the children’s media industry will discuss the topic of monetizing products for children, and how it’s “One Tough Playground” for companies in regards to pleasing target audiences and avoiding certain techniques (such as paid ads, paid content, etc.) that often cause controversy. Lipa’s Martin Schejbal will join speakers from KIDOZ, Hasbro, Tiny Lab Productions, and My Town Games to offer advice on Lipa’s monetization strategy of the Try-and-Buy model.

Lipa’s induction of the Try-and-Buy model came after a long process of research and discussion. The main issue with paid children’s apps is that some app companies employ multiple in-app purchases to unlock levels or extra content, which can lead to unintended purchases, confusion on behalf of the child, and in the case of promotional ads, exposure to inappropriate content. On the children’s media marketplace, the Try-and-Buy model proved successful and popular, as it allows parents to download and try the app for the first one or two levels before purchasing the full game in one go. There’s no extra content, ads, or confusion–once the game is purchased, the child can access everything.

Come hear for yourself the strategies experts use to make their businesses run smoothly on a tough market.

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About Lipa:

Lipa Learning is the developer of an innovative system of preschool development that harmonizes digital and physical activities to provide skills in all areas of a child’s life. Our unique Curriculum Design has both parents and teachers in mind, as it works both at home and in schools as a complete system containing 8 learning areas. Along with our 21 preschool apps, which includes 4 new interactive books, we also offer an all-in-one app for parents and teachers, Lipa Adventure–access not only our digital games but hundreds of real world activities like crafts, puzzles, experiments, stories, fun facts, and more. Lipa Adventure is already being used in our Lipa Preschool and lets children go outside the device and practice their skills.

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Lipa Takes Center Stage at Bett Show 2017

For the second year running, Lipa exhibits their new curriculum and products at the famous Bett Show in London, one of the biggest educational events in the world. Visit us at stand B205 from January 25 – 28!


Bett officially began 21 years ago and has since solidified a tradition of quality and professionalism. From Apple and Acer to Google and ABCMouse, the Bett Show invites game-changing exhibitors to come present their latest innovations in education. At the upcoming 2017 event, Lipa’s right there in the center of the ExCeL London conference hall, just a few stalls away from Apple.

Lipa’s strategy for making the most of the 4-day event, which runs from Jan. 25 – 28, involves a large tunnel stand accessible from both ends for maximum flow, and multiple interactive sections dedicated to Lipa’s main innovations: their unique Curriculum Design, their latest app for parents and teachers called Lipa Adventure, their weekly preschool club Skills for Life, and their portfolio of 19 learning apps including 4 interactive books.

Another strategy for Lipa at the 2017 Bett Show is spreading the word about their own conference set to take place in Prague, September 2017. Unlike Bett, Lipa’s conference, named “Revolutionize EduTech”, focuses mostly on educational technology and bridging the gap between the digital and physical worlds.

From a business point of view, Lipa is also exploring options for professional partnerships – their latest successful partner is Bluebee Pals, a company that develops soft plush toys fitted with speakers that work alongside children’s tablets. Lipa is seeking investors and cooperation with other companies who are interested in revolutionizing education.

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