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Lipa Takes the Stage at the Education Startup Weekend Panel

October 9, 2017

Technology is changing the world as we know it. If we’re going to keep up with the changing world, then we have to bring those changes into our education system as well. That’s the idea behind both Lipa and the Education Startup Weekend. The Startup Weekend was held here in the old town of Prague from October 6 – 8, drawing in experts from around the international education community.

Before the Weekend officially began, we attended a panel discussion where our own educational expert Jitka Fortikova was able to share Lipa’s vision. Jitka discussed the question of how we’ve gone wrong in the classroom. “I think a better question to raise is this: how can technology fix what isn’t working or changing in the classroom,” she said. “The content changed, but not the format of learning in school and that is a problem. I think that preschool is an underestimated sector… we have to invest in a career system for teachers where they keep learning.” She stressed the importance of teachers themselves having access to a lifetime of education.

Then she went on to explain Lipa’s role in this issue and how we developed our preschool curriculum, which “was created in order to change the way we make educational apps.” She mentioned how important it was not to center our life around a single device, but that we should be expressive and continue to engage with the outside world. This is the goal of our upcoming product, Lipa Adventure, where you are “using the device to get out of the device.”

More about our curriculum can be found here on our webpage. Stay tuned for the upcoming release of Lipa Adventure.