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We’ve Launched an IndieGoGo Campaign to Educate Kids Globally!

On November 28th, we launched our crowdfunding campaign get support for Lipa Adventure, our app prototype that teaches children skills for better development.  

With 123 million children worldwide who can’t access pre-primary education (UNICEF 2016), we believe technology is the answer to the educational disparity, and we’re creating Lipa Adventure to help solve this global problem. In today’s modern world mobile devices can be delivered to even the most rural areas, giving children the chance to improve their future while they’re still waiting for schools to be built and teachers to be trained.

Our crowdfunding campaign will help fund the creation of the full Lipa Adventure app, and all donations will go towards:

-perfecting our Curriculum through research and the latest studies
– developing additional educational content
– translating all content into 50+ languages
– customizing content to be as culturally adaptive as possible
– pre-installing the app on tablets with the help of partners and NPOs
– delivering Lipa Adventure into the hands of poor children worldwide

Lipa Adventure (LA) is unique because it balances digital and real world learning. LA contains a vast amount of content that includes not only a range of games, but also bedtime stories, fun facts, and activities like crafts, puzzles, role-playing, and physical games. LA isn’t only for kids themselves; the parent/caretaker section holds numerous expert articles and tips about child development, as well as clear progress tracking so parents can see exactly how each child is learning.

Using Lipa Adventure, children without access to pre-primary education will be learning with our curriculum, which is made up of 8 core areas: social-emotional balance, academic competence, environmental awareness, physical health, hygiene & safety, history & culture, healthy lifestyle, and autonomic capabilities. Children will gain skills in these areas not only through the device, but beyond it, with the many supplemental real world activities provided. Children will get a solid foundation for their early years’ development and be better prepared for primary school and a better future.

To support our cause of giving kids around the world the early years’ education they deserve, please visit: or contact us at