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Lipa’s Q&A at the Big IFA Startup Fair

A proud moment: Lipa’s very own Martin Schejbal and Magda Partyka were invited to speak at the gigantic trade fair IFA in Berlin, where only 140 out of 400 companies were chosen to attend. Watch the interview and find out the true story behind our award-winning apps as well as how it all began.


The Lipa Roadshow – We’re Going Global!

We’re traveling the world to summits, conferences, and expos relating to children’s education and technology. Since December of 2015 we’ve visited such cities as Tel Aviv, Amsterdam, Boston, London, and Berlin. Next up we will be heading east to Asia for ChinaJoy’s entertainment expo in Shanghai. Lipa is serious about spreading the word about what we do – because we don’t have competitors, we only have potential partners in this industry.



A Backstage Look at Lipa

Experience Lipa like you’ve never done before with this great interview from Appliste! Hear how our story began and how we’re sparking up fun with our original preschool program!


Lipa’s Invited Across the Water to Speak at the Sandbox Summit 2016

We have a saying here at Lipa: Go beyond the device. Screen time is a big issue in the kids’ games industry, but we believe technology isn’t inherently bad. It all depends on how it’s used. Kids need to understand technology in this day and age, but they shouldn’t be all consumed by it.

Our own Martin Schejbal spoke at the Sandbox Summit in Boston at MIT. Watch the video below to see how we addressed this issue and faced one of the hardest challenges in our industry.


4 Years on the Market Playground: Lipa Speaks at Casual Connect 2016

We’ve made plenty of mistakes in our 4 years on the market. But following each pitfall we’ve broken through to the other side loaded with new ideas, lessons learned, and clearer insights on how to move forward. Success never comes in a straight line – there’s no “zero to hero” without some fumbles, and this video of our Casual Connect speech shares the most memorable mistakes our company has made and how they paved the path to a bright future.