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We’ve Launched an IndieGoGo Campaign to Educate Kids Globally!

On November 28th, we launched our crowdfunding campaign get support for Lipa Adventure, our app prototype that teaches children skills for better development.  

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With 123 million children worldwide who can’t access pre-primary education (UNICEF 2016), we believe technology is the answer to the educational disparity, and we’re creating Lipa Adventure to help solve this global problem. In today’s modern world mobile devices can be delivered to even the most rural areas, giving children the chance to improve their future while they’re still waiting for schools to be built and teachers to be trained.

Our crowdfunding campaign will help fund the creation of the full Lipa Adventure app, and all donations will go towards:

-perfecting our Curriculum through research and the latest studies
– developing additional educational content
– translating all content into 50+ languages
– customizing content to be as culturally adaptive as possible
– pre-installing the app on tablets with the help of partners and NPOs
– delivering Lipa Adventure into the hands of poor children worldwide

Lipa Adventure (LA) is unique because it balances digital and real world learning. LA contains a vast amount of content that includes not only a range of games, but also bedtime stories, fun facts, and activities like crafts, puzzles, role-playing, and physical games. LA isn’t only for kids themselves; the parent/caretaker section holds numerous expert articles and tips about child development, as well as clear progress tracking so parents can see exactly how each child is learning.

Using Lipa Adventure, children without access to pre-primary education will be learning with our curriculum, which is made up of 8 core areas: social-emotional balance, academic competence, environmental awareness, physical health, hygiene & safety, history & culture, healthy lifestyle, and autonomic capabilities. Children will gain skills in these areas not only through the device, but beyond it, with the many supplemental real world activities provided. Children will get a solid foundation for their early years’ development and be better prepared for primary school and a better future.

To support our cause of giving kids around the world the early years’ education they deserve, please visit: or contact us at


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Lipa Planets Interactive Book Featured on App Store in 152 Countries

April 24, 2017

We are thrilled to announce our new interactive book for children ages 4-6 has been featured in a total of 152 countries around the world on the App Store.


Lipa Planets tells the story of an ambitious little dog, Skipper, who dreams of following in his grandmother Laika’s footsteps by exploring outer space in his own rocket ship. After hard work and training, Skipper zooms off to our solar system and pays a visit to each planet. As Skipper greets them, each planet transforms into a god or goddess from the Roman mythology that it’s named after: Mercury turns into a speedy messenger, and Neptune changes to the trident-wielding god of the sea. Skipper learns how the planets got their names and what they represented in ancient Roman times in a visually stimulating and interactive tale kids will love.

Along with having a Home banner featured on the Spanish App Store, Lipa Planets has also been included in such categories as “Discover More About Mother Earth” in Denmark, Finland, Sweden, and Norway, and “New Apps We Love” in 25 countries total.

This is a great start for our new creation for preschool kids, who will not only gain reading skills but will learn fascinating facts about our planets. With Skipper’s goal-oriented attitude, kids will also learn that self-motivation and hard work is important to reaching our goals. Lipa Planets is completely kidSAFE certified, which guarantees its appropriate and safe content for children.

For more information about Lipa Planets, go here, or download Lipa Planets directly on the App Store.


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Executive Director of Lipa Speaks on Expert Panel at Casual Connect 2017

This year’s Casual Connect falls on 7 – 9 February and will connect hundreds of game developers, marketers, investors, and tech incubators in a merger of technology and creativity. Lipa’s Executive Director Martin Schejbal was invited to join an expert panel discussion on monetizing the challenging market of children’s games and applications.


Taking place in Berlin, Casual Connect Europe will present over 100 leaders in both established and upcoming game industry markets. Among the lineup of main speakers are the Chief Game Designer at Google, Head of Games Partnerships at Facebook, and Head of Corporate Development at Zynga. This event, needless to say, is flooded with experts, making it fertile ground for forming partnerships and exhibiting one’s products.

On February 7th at 1:00 PM in Hall 7.1 of the convention center, five leaders in the children’s media industry will discuss the topic of monetizing products for children, and how it’s “One Tough Playground” for companies in regards to pleasing target audiences and avoiding certain techniques (such as paid ads, paid content, etc.) that often cause controversy. Lipa’s Martin Schejbal will join speakers from KIDOZ, Hasbro, Tiny Lab Productions, and My Town Games to offer advice on Lipa’s monetization strategy of the Try-and-Buy model.

Lipa’s induction of the Try-and-Buy model came after a long process of research and discussion. The main issue with paid children’s apps is that some app companies employ multiple in-app purchases to unlock levels or extra content, which can lead to unintended purchases, confusion on behalf of the child, and in the case of promotional ads, exposure to inappropriate content. On the children’s media marketplace, the Try-and-Buy model proved successful and popular, as it allows parents to download and try the app for the first one or two levels before purchasing the full game in one go. There’s no extra content, ads, or confusion–once the game is purchased, the child can access everything.

Come hear for yourself the strategies experts use to make their businesses run smoothly on a tough market.

Contact us directly to set up a meeting:

About Lipa:

Lipa Learning is the developer of an innovative system of preschool development that harmonizes digital and physical activities to provide skills in all areas of a child’s life. Our unique Curriculum Design has both parents and teachers in mind, as it works both at home and in schools as a complete system containing 8 learning areas. Along with our 21 preschool apps, which includes 4 new interactive books, we also offer an all-in-one app for parents and teachers, Lipa Adventure–access not only our digital games but hundreds of real world activities like crafts, puzzles, experiments, stories, fun facts, and more. Lipa Adventure is already being used in our Lipa Preschool and lets children go outside the device and practice their skills.

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Lipa Takes Center Stage at Bett Show 2017

For the second year running, Lipa exhibits their new curriculum and products at the famous Bett Show in London, one of the biggest educational events in the world. Visit us at stand B205 from January 25 – 28!


Bett officially began 21 years ago and has since solidified a tradition of quality and professionalism. From Apple and Acer to Google and ABCMouse, the Bett Show invites game-changing exhibitors to come present their latest innovations in education. At the upcoming 2017 event, Lipa’s right there in the center of the ExCeL London conference hall, just a few stalls away from Apple.

Lipa’s strategy for making the most of the 4-day event, which runs from Jan. 25 – 28, involves a large tunnel stand accessible from both ends for maximum flow, and multiple interactive sections dedicated to Lipa’s main innovations: their unique Curriculum Design, their latest app for parents and teachers called Lipa Adventure, their weekly preschool club Skills for Life, and their portfolio of 19 learning apps including 4 interactive books.

Another strategy for Lipa at the 2017 Bett Show is spreading the word about their own conference set to take place in Prague, September 2017. Unlike Bett, Lipa’s conference, named “Revolutionize EduTech”, focuses mostly on educational technology and bridging the gap between the digital and physical worlds.

From a business point of view, Lipa is also exploring options for professional partnerships – their latest successful partner is Bluebee Pals, a company that develops soft plush toys fitted with speakers that work alongside children’s tablets. Lipa is seeking investors and cooperation with other companies who are interested in revolutionizing education.

Want to meet us at Bett Show? Shoot us an e-mail at:

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Digital Kids Summit: Making Connections in Sunny California

September 5, 2016

Lipa’s US-based team heads to the Digital Kids Summit for an intensive look into kids’ tech innovation. The 2-day conference lasts from September 13 – 14 in the heart of Southern California: beautiful San Francisco.


Digital Kids Summit, held in the exciting environment of the Children’s Creativity Museum, is all about helping businesses tap into the potential of the connected modern family, through research, media strategies, and of course, kids’ entertainment experts. This 2-day event will be attended by our US advocates, including Jayne Clare, who co-founded the Summit with her company Teachers With Apps.

Among the wide list of interesting talks are keynote speakers Andy Russell from Google and David Sufer from WowWee. Topics range from how to market to moms to re-inventing brands and legacies that fit the toys of the next generation. In short, there’s much to learn and much to do, including pre-conference meet-and-greets, panel discussions, and in-depth presentations. 

Want to join us in San Francisco for Digital Kids Summit? Just send us an e-mail at We’d love to see you there!

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Startupnight Berlin Chose Lipa!

September 3, 2016: Europe’s biggest startup event, Startupnight Berlin (known in German as Lange Nacht der Startups) picked 160 companies out of over 400 applicants to exhibit at their Berlin-based expo–and Lipa was one of the winners!


Unlike other startup conferences, Startupnight requires companies to send in applications explaining why they’re the next big thing in their industry. And because we’re secure in our mission to revolutionize child development around the world, we’ll be right there in Berlin strutting our stuff during the night of September 3rd.

Our Executive Director Martin Schejbal will be presenting at an interactive Q&A session with spectators, and later we’ll exhibit our latest products and missions, which include our soon-to-be-released interactive books and our 2017 EduTech conference in Prague.

We hope to see you there at the Deutsche Bank Atrium, from 5pm to midnight! Contact our Business Development Specialist Magda Partyka for more info:

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Press Start for the Biggest Games Fair in Europe: Gamescom!

Join us August 17 – 21 for an amazing, full-on experience at Gamescom in Cologne, Germany. This trade fair can house up to 300,000 participants, some of whom dress up in their favorite cosplays to express their love for games. We’ll be there representing our favorite games–our own–at stand number B-022d in Hall 10.1. 


Gamescom is not only for the fans of popular interactive entertainment, but for businesses who want to enjoy the full-scale B2B section of the event, which lets us connect with other leaders in our industry. Over 800 exhibitors will be attending, as well as guests from over 50 countries.

Included in the Gamescom events list is the new “Family & Friends” area where children and their families can enjoy the latest kid-friendly games. Parents can also get better informed about topics such as youth protection in dealing with the internet and virtual learning by institutions like USK (Entertainment Software Self-Regulation Body).

No doubt this giant fair will be a blast for us, and we’re excited to be able to share our products with so many game-enthusiasts, especially the littlest ones!

Coming to Gamescom? Arrange a meeting with us! Just contact our Business Development Specialist Magda Partyka at

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Next Stop for the Lipa Roadshow: Shanghai, China!

ChinaJoy Digital Entertainment Expo is one of the most influential events in the global digital entertainment industry. Held annually every July, the expo makes use of the thousands of industry professionals located not only in Asia but in the international market as well. Shanghai is a transport hub and full of innovative solutions–a great place to learn about what’s next in technology. 


Invited by the influential business development agency CzechInvest, we’re flying to Shanghai for a great 10-day business trip. At the expo we’ll have our own stand full of promo materials, original banners in Chinese, and an all-new video highlighting who we are and what we do (also with Chinese subtitles, because we’re all about localizing!). Not to mention our amazing games and all-new interactive book, Lipa Planets!

Besides our showcase, we’ll be presenting in an exclusive Czech restaurant with specially invited companies to explain in more detail what our goals and next steps are. We’re hoping to snag some interesting potential partners and investors along the way.

More than anything, though, we’re ready to find our space in the Asian digital entertainment market and learn what it takes to reach out to Chinese families and preschools so that we can create a long-lasting and beneficial bond.

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Saving the Environment One Mobile at a Time

Minimizing our environmental impact has become one of the greater concerns of our century–whether that means reducing our energy use, or re-using or recycling our waste. That’s why we decided to join up with Remobil to help them with their drive in eliminating waste from used mobile phones.


In the world today, there are over 7 billion mobile phones. Here in the Czech Republic, there are over 127 mobile phones per 100 inhabitants. If we don’t do something, all of them–including the arsenic and lead which they contain–will go straight back into the environment. Without proper containment, they can end up being poison to our children in the future.

Remobil is a non-profit organization that’s dedicated to alleviating this problem. They first partner with local corporations and organizations to collect all the used mobiles that they can. They work with disabled people to bring them jobs and safely disassemble those mobile phones. They then sell off any parts of value and donate the profits to Jedličkův Institute and Schools, a learning organization benefiting physically disabled persons.

Lipa collected 76 mobile phone and 9 kilograms of various electronic goods, like wires, chargers, and headphones, to be recycled by Remobil. Remobil awarded us with a Certificate in Social Responsibility, letting us know that through our donation, we:

  • saved 120 kg of carbon emissions
  • saved 2272 liters of water
  • saved 734 km by car
  • added 760 CZk to Jedličkův ústav
  • gave 12 hrs to disabled people

You can get involved too! If you’re in the Czech Republic, contact Remobil through their website at and help set up a collection box at your company. It really is that simple. If you’re not in the Czech Republic, then just take a moment to search for an organization in your area that does the same. Start your mobile recycling today!

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Kids Want More Mobile Action and Lipa’s Got the Solution

May 18-19, 2016: 4 members of the Lipa team headed north for The Kids Want Mobile! conference in Berlin to mingle with the best in the field.


Lipa is always on the lookout for new partners, investors, and collaborators, which is why we were right there in the middle of the conference floor, having a cup of coffee and wearing our best networking smiles (and matching dresses!). And where better to meet like-minded potential collaborators than The Kids Want Mobile?


TKWM is an independently-organized conference relating to children’s media and is attended by industry experts from all over the world. Held every year in Berlin-Mitte, it’s perfectly located at the center of the kids-games development community. TKWM is a one-day conference held on May 19th, this year at Berlin’s Alte Teppichfabrik, an alternative style meeting venue equipped with presentation tech, and enough space for meetings, discussions, eating and drinking, and special group workshops.

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Lipa Crosses the Ocean to Make Waves at the Sandbox Summit

April 17-19, 2016: Two Lipa leaders head across the ocean to Cambridge, Massachusetts to attend the renowned Sandbox Summit held at MIT.


Two of our leaders, Board Member Martin Schejbal and Education Specialist Jitka Fortikova, are attending the Summit in Cambridge, Massachusetts this year. Martin will be presenting on behalf of the company about our strategy of harmonizing the digital and physical worlds for children’s developmental benefit.

The Sandbox Summit, inspired by how children exhibit their creativity and ingenuity in the sandbox, celebrates how children learn through play. This includes digital play and technological innovations that use fun and exploration to teach young learners beyond the traditional classroom environment. Educators, businesses, developers, and consumers attend the Sandbox Summit to gather insights into how kids today play. From conferences to workshops to fascinating speakers, there’s plenty of knowledge to gain about this field.

Other speakers featured at this year’s Summit are Kelli Campbell, Digital Learning Officer at Discovery Education, and RJ Mical, Head of Gaming at Google.

Lipa’s Martin Schejbal will be presenting on Tuesday, April 19th, at 3:05 pm.

As a Member of the Board, Martin Schejbal helped move the company beyond making only apps with the creation of holistic products both digital & physical. He firmly believes that children learn best through play and that no matter what their engaged in, whether it’s an interactive book or a hands-on craft, kids should receive the highest quality content – which is something he always promotes in his professional life.

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Walking the Red Carpet of the Games Industry: Two Lipa Apps Nominated for the Indie Prize

Lipa’s two new apps, Lipa Wizards and Lipa Theater, have both been nominated for the Indie Prize, a scholarship program for up-and-coming developers who show leadership in the games industry.



Every year, the Indie Prize judges compare and study games from small companies who are doing great things in the games industry – whether developing innovative concepts or new age mechanics, this is the developers’ chance to walk the red carpet of the digital world.

A Closer Look at the Nominees:

  • Lipa Wizards: Magic Duel is our two-player, action-packed magic duel app that invites all generations to play together. Pick a specialized wizard and cast spells on your opponent to find the match first, training your eye for detail, your dexterity, and your ability to thwart the opponent with strategy.
  • Lipa Theater: Story Maker makes any story come to life with its intuitive freestyle play mode where you can be the director and build your own creative production. Have robots tango on a sunset beach, or fly dragons across the galaxy – whatever you choose, you can make it personal with voiceover recordings, playback tools, and a slew of design options.

With the Indie Prize and Casual Connect taking place from February 16-18, 2016, we’re prepared to make contacts and invite other developers, marketers, and game industry experts to test our two apps for themselves. We’ll be giving a speech on our struggles and successes as a small company and how we tackled problems to come to where we are today – a developer who will soon be walking the red carpet!

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You Set the Stage with Lipa Theater: Story Maker

Lipa Learning is thrilled to announce the global launch of our latest app, Lipa Theater: Story Maker, on the App Store and Google Play!

Lipa Theater is a creative freestyle game where you can design, invent, record, and share your own original plays.


Every child is full of untold stories, and every story needs a stage. Now you can make them come to life with Lipa Theater. With just a touch, explore boundless imagination together with siblings, parents, or friends.

Lipa Theater offers numerous prop, character, music, and weather options, with which you can recreate moments from history, legends, a favorite movie, or invent your own fantastical fictions: why not let your character fly on dragons, or jam on dueling banjos? For a more personalized scene, take a snapshot of a real-life location to use as your production’s backdrop. Once the play is set, record your show, adding plot and personality with voice overs–then replay or share the video for endless fun and creativity the entire family can enjoy together.

Fun features in detail:

  • Enjoy scenery and puppetry in your favorite themes: princes and princesses, familiar wiley pirates, galaxy-roving aliens, ranch-loving cowboys and girls, and more!
  • Wishing for seasonal snowfall? Need a little rain on your parade? Prefer a pink sunset over an orange one? Just press the weather button and voila! The right atmosphere is at your fingertips.
  • Animation mimics the real physics of marionettes, with jangly limbs and talkative mouths. Animals turn the direction you please while giving a little squawk, neigh, or squeak.
  • This app is all about sharing stories: the record function lets you make movies of your production to share on social media or just reply on the app. While recording, you can speak, sing, or make your own sound effects to make your story come to life!

Lipa Theater: Story Maker develops skills in creativity, invention, communication, design, and imagination. What is your story?

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In Lipa Theater, kids invent and record their own plays using a myriad of themed characters, props, and atmospheric controls. From the dusty dunes of a cowboy ranch to the strange skies of another galaxy, children can author stories without limits.

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Lipa Wizards Enchants Fundamentally Children’s Kid-Testers

“Ooh that’s good isn’t it.” – wise words from a 4-year-old tester who helped Lipa Wizards earn the Good App Guide seal from Fundamentally Children. A UK-based company that reviews children’s products and offers advice to parents and teachers, Fundamentally Children created their own badge to signify the best products. And Lipa Wizards achieved this honor.  Read the full review to see what the experts thought!



Lipa Wizards: When Families Play Together, Real Magic Happens

Lipa Learning launches our latest app, Lipa Wizards: Magic Duel, on the App Store and Google Play.

Lipa Wizards is an innovative two-player strategy game that turns the excitement of magical tournaments into sharper prediction, attention, and critical thinking skills.


Fall under the spell of Lipa Wizards, where you don your magical robes to capture matching Nogs by using the science of strategy, investigation, prediction, and focus. It’s a battle of quick wits in the magic tournament: choose a player from a cast of 7 specialized wizards from all around the world to challenge an opponent in a two-player duel. Be the first to find which Nogs match using only reflections. But beware! Colors and similarities can be misleading, challenging your eye for detail. By using special spells, and tricky enchantments that thwart the opponent’s progress, learn to create your own logical strategies to become the wizard duel champion of the family.

Fun features in detail:

  • Meet colorful wizards from different lands: Cornelia and Charlie from Scotland, Eshu from Africa, Mai from Japan, Sakina from India, or pick one of two fantastical wizards, Mr. Pumpkin and wise Mr. Oakheart!
  • Catch hidden spells on your side of the field to use against your opponent: send a hurtling whirlwind to mix up their Nogs, shoot up boulders from the earth to cover them, and many more sneaky tricks.
  • Nogs come in all shapes and colors – as they lay out across your field, it’s your job to find which one of your magical Nogs has a match on your opponent’s field. Whoever snatches it first wins the round.

Lipa Wizards: Magic Duel develops skills essential to building a sharp mind that can think quickly and effectively, while its unique two-player interface invites families and friends to play and train together.

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Lipa Wizards is an innovative two-player game that uses magic duels to aid in prediction, attention, and critical thinking. As they cast spells from a pick of 7 unique characters, children build logical strategies to advance and win the match.

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Lipa Band: A Musical World Tour Made Just For You

December 2, 2015: Lipa Learning launches their latest app, Lipa Band, on the App Store and Google Play.

Lipa, the creator of an award-winning system for complete childhood development, is thrilled to announce the launch of Lipa Band, a musical adventure that takes you around the world as you overcome obstacles to build the best band ever.


From the bayou bluegrass of North America to the desert drum beats of Saharan Africa, Lipa Band lets you explore regional music as you travel to each sparkling concert stage. With action levels full of exciting obstacles adjusted to each player, you can boost your prediction and reaction skills, gathering up your band members and scoring special vehicles until you reach the concert–all the while learning pitch, beat, and tempo with speed boosters. But making a band is more than just jamming out for a group of adoring fans. Lipa Band includes colorful landscapes designed to reflect diverse cultures: rehearse for your next performance by interacting with the environment, discovering secret animations, adding or subtracting instruments, and tuning the music to fit your style. Then continue on your personalized tour until you reach rock band stardom!

Fun features in detail:

  • Earn super surprise vehicles like yellow submarines or rainbow-spitting aeroplanes while dodging treacherous weeds, sharp forks, and other obstacles
  • Every band has its adoring fans – gain more audience by successfully getting your whole band to each concert. The more fans you get, the higher your score!
  • Rock out to the tunes of worldwide cultures, meet new kinds of instruments, and learn about pitch, tempo, and rhythm in numerous catchy songs
  • The Bug Band’s grumpy neighbor, Grumperton, is hiding in each level, just waiting to pop out and grunt in dissatisfaction. Find him to press on with your unique music tour!

Lipa Band develops skills in creativity, prediction, fine motor reflexes, attention, and motivation, telling the story of the Bug Band who, with passion and hard work, show that any dream is possible to reach.

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Lipa Band creates a global music tour where kids gain cultural awareness while refining motor and prediction skills. Kids overcome obstacles with race levels and freestyle rehearsals that are adjusted to each player, enhancing creativity for the real world.

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Come Shape the Horizon with the Lipa Pirates App

We’ve just released our new adventure-based learning app Lipa Pirates, available now on the App Store and Google Play.

Math is finally made fun! Get immersed in the world of Lipa Pirates, where you’ll encounter increasingly difficult challenges, colorful animations, unforgettable characters, and shiny rewards. Check out the trailer below:


Hoist the sails, raise the anchor, and join Captain Brickbeard and his crew of wiley pirates, Molly, Jasper, and Toby “Boatswain” Flint on a seafaring adventure. Sail through treacherous waters, battle your foe, rouse the Kraken from the ocean depths–all while learning about new shapes and core geometry.

Manipulate objects and trace outlines to help the Captain build his ship, and then set out to sea where you test your motor skills racing your foe through treacherous waters. Match and move shapes to outwit the Kraken and take back the magic compass. Stack blocks to create water-tight bridges, and trace the night stars…Collect special pirate gear as you sail up the ranks to Pirate Captain!

Fun features in detail:

  • Gyroscope steering for real-life ship sailing feel during ocean races
  • Build up your power in the crew by achieving progress rewards that transform you from Powder Monkey into Captain
  • Narrated colorful animations between levels bring the characters to life
  • Learn to recognize shapes in everyday objects while loading the cannons for battle
  • Play as Molly Mainsail or Jasper Mainsail and follow a story of friendship, overcoming challenges, and finding that true treasure is more than just silver and gold

Lipa Pirates develops skills in shape recognition, design, problem solving, and object manipulation. Let’s discover how to shape the horizon!

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